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Here is some of the older news and events from the Figheldean Village Hall:

Work is to start on the new hall heating system in early February that will introduce a much needed cost efficient heating system to the Hall.

The committee is shortly to submit plans to Salisbury District Council to have an extension built on the North Eastern side of the hall. This will eventually house a better store room in which to house the good tables and chairs. It’s proximity will enable function organisers and the hall staff easier access and storage.


The Hall is now equipped with super fast broadband (approx 30 mbps) that will enable any user to stream videos, films and data to a high quality.

Wi-Fi In The Hall Is Now Running On Fibre

The Hall is now installed with Wi-Fi on an upgraded fibre optic line therefore anyone wishing to use Wi-Fi broadband access for whatever reason when booking the Hall now can. This can open up endless possibilities such as Silver Surfer Clubs or streaming videos and films directly from the Internet that may be of use to clubs or those wishing to run inter active seminars or conferences.
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Pollen Lane, Figheldean, Wiltshire SP4 8JR
BBC RADIO 4 - Any Questions?

On Friday 18th December 2015, Figheldean Village Hall is to host a broadcast of BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions? The programme is to be chaired by Jonathan Dimbleby. The proposed panel is to consist of Bernard Jenkin MP (Con), Rachel Johnson (journalist, author and TV presenter), Kerry McCarthy MP (Lab) (shadow SoS for the environment, food and rural affairs) and Lord Hennessy (historian and academic). Doors will open at 6.30 p.m. The programme commences at 7.25 p.m.

Tickets for this programme will be free of charge. The Hall has a Health and Safety limit of 200 therefore we are restricted to allocating tickets to that capacity.  Local residents have had first choice of attendance on a first come basis. The remaining tickets have now been released for the general public to request.

Questions are to be submitted on the night of the broadcast. The production team will be looking for stimulating moral, political and social issues of the day. As the broadcast has a UK-wide listening audience the production team will not select questions on purely local issues unless they raise matters of a genuine national interest. From those submitting questions on the night 10 members of the audience will be invited, by the chair, to the front and during the course of the broadcast he will randomly ask one of the questioners to read out their question to the panel.

Request for tickets will initially be restricted to residents of Figheldean and the surrounding area who should either e-mail or telephone Brian England at: or 01980 671779.
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The Hall hosted two more events in October for the campaign to "Save Ablington Woods" - a small copse of trees in Ablington that currently belongs to the MoD.
Villagers concerned this beautiful woodland could be sold off to a developer have bonded together and through the auspices of the
Parish Council are raising the appropriate funds to buy the trees.
Your support to these, and other events, for this credible campaign would be much appreciated.